5 Most Popular Special Bets in CS: GO

Not only are they short, so bettors know if they’ve lost or won their bet almost immediately, but they’re also action-packed.

1 – Knife Round Winner

Every competitive CS: GO match starts with the knife round. It is also referred to zero, as it does not count towards the final score. What does count is the team’s ability to choose which side they want to play first. Tactics, aggression, spy placements and negotiations vary greatly from map to map, so choosing the CT or T side can make or break matches.

2 – Winner of 1st Gun / 2nd Gun Round

Betting on Counter-Strike

In the CS: GO competitive scene, fights last up to 30 rounds, with a break being after 15 rounds. During the break, teams change positions (from terrorists to counter-terrorists and vice versa). Each half starts with a pistol shot, which is the basis for that half’s economy. Esports bookies are already known for offering CS: GO special bets linked directly to one or both pistol rounds. The betting odds for this type of special bet are pretty high, but the risk is up there, so be careful with this one.

3 – Total up/down rounds

If you are watching a highly competitive CS: GO match, chances are , you want to bet on this to spice up your experience even more. If this is indeed the case, then you should definitely check the total up/down rounds of CS: GO special betting. You will receive a rough estimate of the total number of rounds and you must guess if the final result will be above or below that number. It is a highly profitable special bet, in fact, it is a favourite of experienced CSGO Male Soldierapostadores who know what to do in over/under betting as they are pulling in the regular sports betting experience.

4 – First Kill


The first kill in a match doesn’t have a huge impact on teams, players, or even the final result. Sure, all kills are important, but the first one doesn’t have as big an influence in CS: GO as in other sports titles like Dota 2 or League of Legends. Still, bookies offer CS: GO special bets in the form of first kills. These bets are, in the same way as the pistol rounds, really risky, because they can always go either way. If you are convinced that a certain shooter will get an easy spike right off the bat, who are we to stop you betting?

The question is – are you willing to put your money on a CS: GO special bet that can go either way?

5 – First to 5 rounds

Another round-based CS: GO special bet, which is among the most popular, is the first to five rounds. It revolves around which team gets first to five rounds in the match. It may sound simple, but in reality, these are just one of the most difficult bets to get right. Pistol shooting always drastically affects this bet because the team that loses the pistol round has to go one or two rounds without buying additional weapons. In most cases, the teams that win the pistol round are the favorites to get the first to five rounds of the match.

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