What is Valorant gambling?

Valorant is a first-person shooter game title available for PC. Made by Riot Games, the game has an emphasis on the competitive aspects, pitting players from all over the world against each other in a unique, well-balanced and highly competitive environment.

Best Valorant betting websites

Valorant betting

As an e-sports title, Valorant is still a far cry from its direct competitors – CSGO, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege. As many of you know, the game was released on June 2, which means it’s still relatively new, so it’s silly to expect the same numbers as CSGO from something so new.

The biggest problem with Valorant a few months after its release is the fact that all the initial hype is gone. Riot Games’ Twitch beta key experiment was a great success while it lasted. But after the game’s official launch, the hype waned and players abandoned the new game in large numbers.

Where did this massive demand come from? Well, the demand for e-sports betting opportunities has been increasing for almost a decade. Professionals quickly moved from CSGO and Overwatch to the Valorant scene to test it out, and Riot Games created excitement through Twitch beta keys, which no doubt sparked interest. As soon as events started popping up, the demand was already there.

If you are interested in Valorant betting online and would like to place your first Valorant bet and test your knowledge, we are happy to report that you are in the right place! This extensive guide to betting on Valorant will show you all the basics and point you in the right direction regarding some more advanced techniques. It’s going to be a long journey, so you’d better make some tea and get comfortable!

On the bright side, Valorant is still quite popular despite losing the hype infused by Twitch. One of the reasons behind this is the large number of events that popped up soon after the game’s release. Valorant was quick to launch itself on the e-sports main stage, and thanks to its addictive gameplay, well-balanced mechanics and promises of a great esports ecosystem, several former CSGO and Overwatch players jumped in = And you can’t blame them, really. Valorant “borrowed” a lot from both highly popular e-sports titles, so much so that former CSGO and Overwatch pros don’t have to go through the painfully long transition process. And that’s not a bad thing. The influx of pros from other games will only keep the scene flourishing, hell, not just the scene itself, but the Valorant betting ecosystem too.

Key factors for quality Valorant betting sites

Valorant gambling

If you’re having trouble finding where to bet on Valorant online, here’s a quick rundown of key qualities to look for in online betting sites:

  • Customer support efficiency
  • Low profit margins at Valorant Bets
  • Intuitive website interface
  • Sophisticated website compatible with mobile devices
  • Many options to bet with real money at Valorant
  • A plethora of supported payment methods
  • Fast payouts on betting winnings

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